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Sunrise has experienced and highly qualified faculty and staff. Our special education teachers have specialized training beyond their credentials, many in their individual subjects, such as language arts mathematics, science, foreign language, art, music, and sports. Our faculty and staff are selected not only for their academic strength, but for their love of neurodiverse children and teens, enthusiasm for teaching, and a sincere desire to foster the academic and social development of our students.

The small classroom sizes at Sunrise allow for the accommodation of various learning styles and increased individualized attention. Our small teacher to student ratio maximizes participation, and provides a rich and engaging learning environment in every subject.






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Why The First Day Matters

Why The First Day Matters 600 600 [email protected]

Why The First Day MattersIt’s the first day of school.  Is your child ready to go at 7:30 am, or are they still in bed, pleading a headache? After enduring a challenging period of uncertainty and adapting to new norms during Covid, the first day of school in a post-pandemic…

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