Life Skills

Sunrise School’s vocational and life skills program encompasses the entire school. Every student is assigned vocational tasks, from the youngest to the eldest. Work skills are taught in a Vocational Lab on campus or in the classroom.

The elementary school program focuses on teaching general work skills. The students are taught to follow directions and a visual schedule, complete their job, and ask for help when needed. As the students get older, they are given more responsibility. The middle school program teaches basic janitorial and food preparation skills. The high school classes and transition program continue to develop and perform the skills listed above, but also work on increasing their work speed, time on task and initiating work with less prompting.

The students of the Sunrise School can become competent employees; it is in these vocational programs that they receive the necessary preparation and training it takes to be successful employees as they transition from school into an adult work environment.


Life Skills Fast Facts

to address social emotional concerns

Including the OT, the teacher, and the teaching staff

To include push-in and pull-out methods

to address specific areas of need

to observe and intervene with support of classroom staff

Include articulation or pragmatic skills

Fully equipped Sensory Integration room & in the classrooms



Sunrise School also has a garden with large, raised planter boxes, planting pockets, and a washing/drying station. The students plant, maintain, and harvest the garden year-round. In addition, they wash and dry fruit and vegetables harvested from the garden.



The Sunrise Kitchen provides a real-life cooking area where students learn and practice: safety in the kitchen, cleaning up before and after meals, (e.g. spray cleanser and wipe tables), basic food preparation, (e.g. opening containers and placing condiments on food item), setting the table with placemats and utensils, washing/drying dishes, sorting utensils, completing the laundry sequence, (e.g. sorting, using detergent, loading/unloading washer/dryer, folding, hanging clothing).


Vocational Training

Students are provided with instructions and equipment to complete a variety of job tasks ranging from, but not limited to: collating papers, making copies, filling supply orders, laminating projects, such as PEC’s and schedules, preparing classroom materials, binding packets, shredding papers, making assessment and curriculum packets for The Unique curriculum, making change at a cash register, sorting items, assembling boxes, pens, flashlights, plastic-ware as well as attaining foundational skills for future work, such as clocking in and out, following a visual task schedule, working with others, and maintaining a clean work environment with appropriate social skills for the work place.


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