Student Life

Sunrise School students attend the special day program where they receive functional communication and social skills instruction using modeling and practice opportunities. These skills are learned throughout the regular school day in the Classroom, Vocational Skills Lab, Ice Cream Shop, Fitness Center, Daily Living Skills Room and Kitchen. Students also attend Art and Music classes. There are many fun-filled activities that occur throughout the school year, such as an Art Fair, Science Fair, School Spirit Weeks, Dances, a day time Prom, holiday celebrations and more. These events provide real life experiences with guided practice that are age-typical in an environment that is safe and nurturing. Community Based Instruction is provided on a weekly basis to facilitate the generalization of skills learned at school to real life settings.


Student Life Features

In the classroom, students work on functional academics, communication and adaptive living skills. The students’ daily routines are supported with visual schedules, checklists for self-monitoring and behavior support plans that outline classroom expectations.

In the Vocational Skills Lab, students learn a variety of clerical job skills, including copying, collating, laminating, filling supply orders and various office tasks essential to any business. In addition to using the computers in the lab, students are taught to follow steps to a task analysis to complete each job to its entirety.

At the Scoop’s ice cream shop, students learn all about customer service as they serve up scoops of ice cream with a variety of toppings. Students learn how to make change to complete the money exchange and use appropriate social communication skills during their shift.

In the Fitness Center, students have their choice of cardio activities, such as a treadmill or stationary bicycle. There are yoga mats, balls and barbells for exercise and daily fitness routines.

In the daily living skills room, students learn how to complete the laundry sequence, including sorting, using the washer and dryer machines, fold and deliver laundry.

In the Kitchen, students learn to prepare snacks and meals for themselves and their classmates. Basic culinary skills are taught and with guided practice, students learn safety in the kitchen using the oven, stove top and microwave.

In Music Classes, students are supported by a professional Music Teacher that use a variety of supports, including modeling and practice, color-coded music notes and interactive lessons. The Music Teacher celebrates each student with self-expression using various musical instruments, such as the piano, guitar, xylophone, bells, tambourines, and drums.

In Art class, students learn self-expression while practicing their fine motor skills using a variety of mediums, such as painting, drawing and sketching, molding clay, paper mâché and more. These masterpieces are displayed at the Annual Art Fair during Open House.

During Spirit Week, students follow fun themes such as Silly Sock Day and Crazy Hat Day to share their school spirit.

The Dayla- The “day la” is a gala (prom) that happens during the school day. Students arrive wearing their formal attire and enjoy this right of passage, by walking the red carpet, having a banquet and dancing the afternoon away. A DJ and thematic decorations make this ceremonious event so special.


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